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"After seeing all of my Main Stage family tonight at the show, it reminded me who really had a big hand in helping me be confident enough to follow my dreams. From our first meeting when I was incredibly small to our second meeting at Legally Blonde, Jon West has always been an amazing teacher because he has weird way of throwing you into something you might think you wouldn't be able to do, but it working out great in the end somehow. It's what makes The Main Stage such a great place to learn and grow." - KL

"I fell in love with The Main Stage while waiting in the lobby at my daughter's very first rehearsal! I had to fight the tears welling up in my eyes as I listened through the door to a group of children singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Five shows later I've learned it's more than just the music! Every time my daughter walks through the doors of The Main Stage she is warmly welcomed, and so loved. We have become part of a family! Great shows! Great people!" - MS

"I can't thank you enough. If it weren't for you, and for Main Stage, I don't know what direction my life would be heading right now. All I know is, the only time I'm truly happy is when I'm performing, and that started on your stage. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better. I'll never forget." - JB

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See below to purchase the link to be able to see our VIRTUAL Christmas Cabaret.

The link will be sent to the email address used to purchase the "ticket" below. The link will not be sent until December 24th. You may follow the link to view the performance anytime after the link is sent. The link may be used multiple times.

This has been a rough year for organizations in the performing arts. Enjoy the link with your immediate family, but please do not share it beyond that. Help support the performing arts with your link purchase!


A VIRTUAL Christmas Cabaret
December 24 at Virtual

Join us for A Virtual Christmas Cabaret. Purchase your access today! You don't want to miss these heartwarming performances that will add a glow to your Christmas Celebrations. You can watch the show with your loved ones where it fits into your holiday festivities.

The link will be emailed on December 24th to the email address used to purchase link. It is $20 to purchase access to the full show. What a bargain price to be able to have the whole family be able to watch it together or at multiple times for only one fee. Please do not share your link beyond your immediate family.

Christmas Cabaret DVD
pickup date and time will be emailed at studio

Choose this option to purchase a DVD recording of our Christmas Cabaret. Dvd's will be available for pickup sometime after Dec. 28th. If you purchase a DVD date and time of pickup with be sent to the email used to purchase DVD (studio is location DVDs will be picked up). There is no mailing option for this DVD.